List of lectures

List of lectures

The researchers of the Odessa Literature Museum hold thematic scientific and educational lectures.

Lectures are available for individual and group visits by prior appointment by calling 8 (048) 722-33-70 (department of scientific advocacy and cultural work)

Lecturing Subjects:
— Foundation of Odessa. Odessa first decades of the XIX century.
— The government of Duke Richelieu and his role in the development of Odessa.
— The southern exile of Alexander Pushkin.
— Alexander Pushkin in Odessa.
— Odessa of Pushkin period.
— Odessa addressees of Pushkin love lyric.
— Pushkin’s creativity in Odessa period.
— Alexander Pushkin and Ukraine.
— Ukrainian descendants of Pushkin.
— How the observances of Pushkin were celebrated in Odessa.
— Pushkin’s acquaintance with the Orient. Pushkin and China.
— The poets of the Pushkin period in Odessa: Konstantin Batyushkov, Vasily Tumansky, Nikolay Gnedich, Vasily Zhukovsky.
— Adam Mickiewicz . Creativity and the environment of Odessa period.
— Odessa under Mikhail Vorontsov. Literature, journalism, theater (Viktor Teplyakov, Alexander Sontag, Aleksey Levshin, Nikolay Nadezhdin, Yaakov Polonsky, Nikolay Shcherbina).
— Nicolay Gogol in Odessa.
— Nicolay Gogol: Odessa pages.
— Apollon Maykov and Yaakov Polonsky in Odessa.
— Odessa in the middle of XIX century. Cultural and social situation (the Crimean War, the activities of Nikolay Pirogov. Correspondents «Bells» in Odessa).
— The life and creativity of LeoTolstoy.
— «The man with big and strong heart» (Vladimir Korolenko and his lines with Odessa).
— Odessa Journalism of the second part of XIX-beginning of XX century
— «“I remember often the southern autumn» (Ivan Bunin).
— The arrivals of Anton Chekhov to Odessa, his connections with cultural, literal and social life.
— The creativity of Alexander Fedorov and his connections with Odessa.
— The creativity of Sholem Aleichem.
— Jewish writers in Odessa (Sholem Aleichem, Mendele Mocher Sforim, Hayim Nahman Bialik). /Overview/.
— Korney Chukovsky.
— Anton Chekhov and Odessa.
— «Odessa took special place in his heart» (Anton Chekhov)
— Ukrainian writers in Odessa.
— Lesya Ukrainka in Odessa.
— Odessa in life and creativity of Maxim Gorky.
— «It happened in Odessa.» Vladimir Mayakovsky and the Futurists..
— Literary Odessa of the 20-s of the XX-th century.
— Isaak Babel and Odessa.
— Eduard Bagritsky and Odessa.
— Valentin Kataev and Odessa.
— Yury Olesha and Odessa.
— Ilia Ilf and Evgeny Petrov and Odessa.
— Aleksander Dovzhenko and Odessa film studio at the beginning of XX century.
— Odessa literary school of 20-th years of XX century.
— «The Fowler in the nets»
— «The lover Valentin»
— «Does Babel wear thing»
— Almost Great-Aunt (Vera Inber)
— «The Heir» and «Intervention» by Leo Slavin
— «The author was born twice» (Ilia Ilf and Evgeny Petrov).
— The literature of Odessa 1920-th. The beginning («Green lamp» and emigration).
— The publication «Omphalos| 1918-1920 (the destinies of authors and books).
— Literary circles 1920 (Khlam, Mebos, Peon 4).
— «Ugolef» in Odessa
— The destiny of Мikhail Zhuk.
— Semen Kirsanov – the beginning of creativity.
— «Hollywood at the Black Sea». Odessa film studio in 1920-th in memories of contemporaries (Mykola Bazhan, Yuri Yanovsky, Aleksei Kapler).
— Anatoli Fioletov – morning victim of Southern literature school.
— «I’ve gathered lilys wonderful and fragrant» – life and creativity of Anna Akhmatova.
— «Only snakes shed their skin, we change souls, not the bodies». Life of Nicolay Gumilev.
— Silver age in Odessa poetry
— «Full of music, muse and torture». Life and creativity of Osip Mandelstam.
— The life and creativity of Marina Tsvetaeva.
— The life and creativity of Boris Pasternak.
— The mystery of Vladimir Nabokov.
— The life and creativity of Joseph Brodsky.
— Konstantin Paustovsky and Odessa .
— Chernomorskaya street – sea outpost of Odessa
— Executed Renaissance : the fate of Ukrainian culture and literature of the 1920s and 30s (Mikhail Kulish, Les Kurbas, Ivan Mykytenko). /Overview/.
— Yuri Yanovsky, Mikola Bazhan and Alexander Dovzhenko at Odessa Film Studio.
— Mikola Kulish and the «Berezil» Theater in Odessa.
— The Great Patriotic War and Odessa theme in literature (defense of Odessa, life in occupation, liberation). /Overview/.
— Theatre Odessa in the period of occupation .
— The history of Odessa writers’ organization.
— The literature of native land (the creativity of Odessa writers).
— The history of Odessa film-studio.
— Leonid Utyosov. The life and creativity.
— Mikhail Zhvanetsky. The life and creativity.
— Vladimir Vysotsky. The life and creativity
— Boris Necherda. The life and creativity.

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