Visit rules and recommendations



Odessa Literature Museum is doing everything possible to make visitors feel comfortable here, and to keep the exhibits of permanent and temporary exposition in safe.

In order to preserve the collection in the Museum set the Rules of conduct. They define what is allowed and what is forbidden to do in the Museum and other Museum locations.

To make your visit to the Museum pleasant and safe and the requirements of Museum staff predictable, please check the rules of Odessa Literature Museum
Coming to the Museum, You agree with them.


  1. The entrance to the Museum for individual visits, participation in events and tours at the Museum, is by ticket only.
  2. By purchasing a ticket to the Museum, the visitor undertakes to abide by public order in the Museum and the established Rules of visiting the Museum.
  3. The entrance tickets for individual use can be purchased in the Museum ticket office on the day of visit or in advance on the official website of the Museum (
  4. The tickets for events and tours can be purchased in advance in the museum ticket office or on the official website of the Museum ( For individual measures Museum reserves the rights to keep a special procedure of selling tickets.
  5. The Museum is not responsible for tickets purchased not at the Museum ticket office of the or not on the official website of the Museum, and does not guarantee their authenticity..
  6. Tickets that do not comply with the design approved by the Museum (including with corrections made, missing mandatory details, as provided by law, amended or sealed price) are invalid and are not refundable. The museum has the right to refuse to visitors in the passage with such tickets.
  7. The official website of the Museum ( contains a list of persons entitled to attend the main exhibition of the Museum for a reduced and free admission ticket.
  • Not allowed to touch
  • To take a photo with the flash
  • To use sockets for charging your mobile phones and electrical items
  • To go beyond the shields
  • To eat and to drink in the museum halls
  • To speak loud and listen to audio-guides through external mics
  • To pollute the area of the museum
  • To talk on the phone loudly in the museum halls
  • To be impaired as a result of intoxication
  • To move on roller-skaters, scooters and similar means of transport
  • To hold tours without guided ticket
  • To conduct commercial, promotional and other activities without approval from museum

Forbidden to carry on the area of the museum

  • any types of weapon, the pyro fires and maces
  • bicycles, roller-skaters and scooters similar means of transport
  • alcoholic beverages and drugs
  • any animals (but a seeing eye dog)

Forbidden to carry into museum halls

  • bulky items
  • food and beverages

It’s allowed amateur photo and video in the halls without flash in the halls of museum permanent exposure.

Shooting at temporary exhibitions may be completely prohibited or limited due to the requirements of other museums and individuals presenting works of art belonging to them. Pay attention to the graphic notifications, placed at the entrance to the exhibition or near the exhibits that prohibit shooting.

If you want to conduct a commercial or professional shooting at the museum, please contact us: 8 (048) 722-33-70.

If you have a wedding or another special event and you want to take some beautiful pictures in the museum – please contact us 8 (048) 722-33-70.

Odessa literature Museum strongly requests visitors to follow the rules of photo and video in the halls of the permanent exhibition, as well as the rules for visiting the museum. Try not to disturb other visitors. In case of violation of the rules, the curator can ask you to stop shooting.

Children are inquisitive and active, they are interested in running around, touching the exhibits by hands and express their emotions loudly, but parents need to remember that the rules of behavior for children in the museum are the same as for adults. For security reasons and taking into account the interests of others, parents and accompanying persons are obliged to inform children about the rules of visiting the museum and are responsible for their observance by children.

The decision on the participation of children in events focused on adult visitors is made by the parents of the child. Age limits for some exhibitions (16+, 18+) have recommendatory character.



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