Thematic Excursions

Thematic Excursions

The researchers of the Odessa Literature Museum hold thematic scientific and educational lectures.

Lectures are available for individual and group visits by prior appointment by calling 8 (048) 722-33-70 (department of scientific advocacy and cultural work)

Lecturing Subjects:
— Foundation of Odessa. Odessa first decades of the XIX century.
— The government of Duke Richelieu and his role in the development of Odessa.
— The southern exile of Alexander Pushkin.
— Alexander Pushkin in Odessa.
— Odessa of Pushkin period.
— Odessa addressees of Pushkin love lyric.
— Pushkin’s creativity in Odessa period.
— Alexander Pushkin and Ukraine.
— Ukrainian descendants of Pushkin.
— How the observances of Pushkin were celebrated in Odessa.
— Pushkin’s acquaintance with the Orient. Pushkin and China.
The poets of the Pushkin period in Odessa: Konstantin Batyushkov, Vasily Tumansky, Nikolay Gnedich, Vasily Zhukovsky.
— Adam Mickiewicz . Creativity and the environment of Odessa period.
— Odessa under Mikhail Vorontsov. Literature, journalism, theater (Viktor Teplyakov, Alexander Sontag, Aleksey Levshin, Nikolay Nadezhdin, Yaakov Polonsky, Nikolay Shcherbina).
— Nicolay Gogol in Odessa.
— Nicolay Gogol: Odessa pages.
— Apollon Maykov and Yaakov Polonsky in Odessa.
— Odessa in the middle of XIX century. Cultural and social situation (the Crimean War, the activities of Nikolay Pirogov. Correspondents «Bells» in Odessa).
— The life and creativity of LeoTolstoy.

— «The man with big and strong heart» (Vladimir Korolenko and his lines with Odessa)
— Odessa Journalism of the second part of XIX-beginning of XX century
— «I remember often the southern autumn» (Ivan Bunin).
— The arrivals of Anton Chekhov to Odessa, his connections with cultural, literal and social life.
— The creativity of Alexander Fedorov and his connections with Odessa.
— The creativity of Sholem Aleichem.
— ЕJewish writers in Odessa (Sholem Aleichem, Mendele Mocher Sforim, Hayim Nahman Bialik). /Overview/.
— Korney Chukovskyа.
— Anton Chekhov and Odessa.
— «Odessa took special place in his heart” (Anton Chekhov)
— Ukrainian writers in Odessa.
— Lesya Ukrainka in Odessa.
— Odessa in life and creativity of Maxim Gorky.
— «It happened in Odessa.» Vladimir Mayakovsky and the Futurists.
— Literary Odessa of the 20-s of the XX-th century.
— Isaak Babel and Odessa.
— Eduard Bagritsky and Odessa.
— Valentin Kataev and Odessa.
— Yury Olesha and Odessa.
— Ilia Ilf and Evgeny Petrov and Odessa.
— Aleksander Dovzhenko and Odessa film studio at the beginning of XX century.
— Odessa literary school of 20-th years of XX century.
— «The Fowler in the nets»

— «The lover Valentin»
— «Does Babel wear thing»
— Almost Great-Aunt (Vera Inber)
— «The Heir» and «Intervention» by Leo Slavin
— «The author was born twice» (Ilia Ilf and Evgeny Petrov)
— The literature of Odessa 1920-th. The beginning («Green lamp» and emigration)
— The publication «Omphalos» 1918-1920 (the destinies of authors and books).
— Literary circles 1920 (Khlam, Mebos, Peon 4)
— «Ugolef» in Odessa
— The destiny of Мikhail Zhuk.
— Semen Kirsanov – the beginning of creativity.
— «Hollywood at the Black Sea». Odessa film studio in 1920-th in memories of contemporaries (Mykola Bazhan, Yuri Yanovsky, Aleksei Kapler).
— Anatoli Fioletov – morning victim of Southern literature school.
— «I’ve gathered lilys wonderful and fragrant» – life and creativity of Anna Akhmatova
— «Only snakes shed their skin, we change souls, not the bodies». Life of Nicolay Gumilev.
— Silver age in Odessa poetry
— «Full of music, muse and torture». Life and creativity of Osip Mandelstam.
— The life and creativity of Marina Tsvetaeva.
— The life and creativity of Boris Pasternak.
— The mystery of Vladimir Nabokov.
— The life and creativity of Joseph Brodsky.
— Konstantin Paustovsky and Odessa.
— Chernomorskaya street – sea outpost of Odessa

— Executed Renaissance : the fate of Ukrainian culture and literature of the 1920s and 30s (Mikhail Kulish, Les Kurbas, Ivan Mykytenko). /Overview/.
— Yuri Yanovsky, Mikola Bazhan and Alexander Dovzhenko at Odessa Film Studio.
— Mikola Kulish and the «Berezil» Theater in Odessa.
— The Great Patriotic War and Odessa theme in literature (defense of Odessa, life in occupation, liberation). /Overview/.
— Theatre Odessa in the period of occupation.
— The history of Odessa writers’ organization.
— The literature of native land (the creativity of Odessa writers)
— The history of Odessa film-studio.
— Leonid Utyosov. The life and creativity.
— Mikhail Zhvanetsky. The life and creativity.
— Vladimir Vysotsky. The life and creativity.
— Boris Necherda. The life and creativity.

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